Corporate Offerings

Our aim is to assist organisations to develop and retain their talent by customising workshops that use  ART as the primary vehicle for individual and business transformation. We specialise in lifting business performance with our unique and fresh initiatives that will transform your organisation and the way your people think, feel, behave and interact. 

Building upon the international trend of using art based processes in business and based upon global advancements in people development START – the Art of Change provides a groundbreaking way to reach leaders and employees and give them a unique experience that can shift their hearts and minds. 

Our belief is that by stimulating, developing and investing in your people in new and exciting ways, you catalyse your organisation to new heights. 

We believe in partnership, ensuring our processes are aligned to your business principles and values. Using an integrated, process-based methodology linked to desired objectives our processes are interactive, participative and outcomes based.

Our initiatives ensure that you are taking significant strides in:

 So if as a Business Owner, Human Resources, OD or Training Specialist:

  • You experience employee fatigue, low morale and the resultant lack of creativity and out-the–box thinking?
  • You are looking for ways to reenergise and revitalise your workforce and build teams that can innovate and collaborate?
  • Require leaders to understand themselves better in order to lead others?
  • You are tired of the usual approaches to strategy sessions, team buildings, staff development and other external consultant interventions? 

...Contact us now and we will meet with you to design a process to meet your unique needs and challenges.

  • For those who would ask, '... and just how does art benefit my business?', I would offer, "If your business has important, pioneering work to do, then develop artful capabilities in your associates just as well as technical skills, else you'll work at half-strength at best, and risk losing all the benefit of their passion." Now, there is a connection between art and the bottom line.                                                       


    Albert Gibson R&D Manager, Multi-National Food Products Company cited in and as a testimonial in - Orchestrating Collaboration at Work 

    Arthur B Van Gundy/Linda Naiman