Add creative spaces to any Event. Whether you are hosting a launch, private or corporate party - Start will provide a creative space where your guestes can come and play with art materials and have a unique, memorable, enlivening, explorative, innovative experience that is fun and dynamic.

Our Event processes:

  • are playful and experimental
  • require no art experience
  • are for any size events and functions
  • produce art creations for your client to keep
  • are completely customised to meet your needs

We offer various options such as:

  • collective canvas
  • murals
  • art jamming
  • self portraits
  • animal masks
  • sculptures

and so much more.... A wide variety of materials including… paints, dyes, bleach, found objects, man-made and natural materials, clay, recycled goods, litter, toothbrushes, straws etc…are used. 

Year End Functions

Depending on your needs, we will meet with you and customize a 1-3 hour session that will:

  • energise your staff and ensure you end the year on a high note
  • create a personal and/or team vision for the New Year
  • reward staff for all their input and commitment throughout the year
  • give closure to all that has happened during the year – and instill new energy for the year

 We will assist you to achieve this through a powerful fun creative experience.