Start the Art of Change works with you – the client – to develop and customise processes that meet your unique needs and challenges. Once the desired outcomes have been determined, activities are designed to ensure the outcomes are reached.

Designs are based on proven art and change management methodologies and are designed to overcome resistance and create shifts.


  • A safe, respectful and non-judgmental space that is quiet and undisturbed by the outside world is provided so that honest and meaningful creative processes can take place
  • Each activity begins with inspiration methods designed to bypass the critical, analytical, judgemental and controlling mind – these may include brainstorming, visualisation, right-brained activities and games
  • Participants then move into an art making activity. This involves active facilitation of the art making involving mixed media work. A wide range of media is used from paints, dyes, bleach, clay, nature, recycled goods, litter, toothbrushes, straws and much more. The approach is playful and experimental.  Background music- generating vibe, rhythm and creativity with an excellent compilation of relaxing themes and upbeat tempos to facilitate the expressive journey.
  • After each art process there is a reflection – reflecting on the process of making the art, self-awareness by exploring meaning and other insights, connections to the self at work and connection to the team/group dynamics. This is where the relationship between art and its relevance to the Organisation is made. Learning is applied back to the workplace and insights are deepened.