Art is a transformative medium that raises and supports consciousness. Start the Art of Change processes enable participants to share a unique experience to reflect their ideas, through creative expression. Mirroring the present, creating and picturing the future… the language of imagery opens up to discovery, new insights and possibilities.

Art is the primary vehicle for change and artistic processes are used together with dialogue, weaving right-brain imagination with left-brain logic and analysis. Thus participants engage in deep and meaningful discussion through metaphor, storytelling, and envisioning new possibilities for the future.

The art processes are a springboard for change management in the areas of personal development, resilience, team effectiveness, stress reduction and capitalising on diversity.

In addition our processes are:

  • based on proven methodologies
  • for small, medium and large groups. Our large-scale change methodology allows us to take groups of between 50 and 300 people through a highly interactive and engaging event.
  • widely applicable to leadership, management and staff
  • facilitated by experienced professionals in the field of change management